IVY Academy of Music offers Student Recitals at the end of each semester. All students enrolled in our academy are expected to participate in every Student Recitals. This is exciting and memorable events for students to present their hard work and musical talent to family and friends. In addition to the Annual Student Recitals, students are encourage to participate in Community Outreach Concerts and Masterclasses throughout the year.



IVY Academy of Music offers masterclasses and workshops on various topics. Selected students will have the opportunity to perform in an open masterclass. We host special guest artists for this events. Parents are welcome to join us.

IVY Music Competition/
 Level-up TEST

The annual IVY Academy of Music competition is designed for all students enrolled in our academy and is to encourage students to acheive their full potential in music studies and inspire thier love for music. 


Students may participate in Austin Music Association competitions and events. Teachers’ approval is required


IVY curriculum and level-up test 

IVY Academy of Music offers our own personzliaed curriculum. All students are expected to pass level test..... and......